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Miss Arabella

Beautiful Bouncing Curls


If you are interested in me doing your daughter's h/m for a pageant in this area or if you are a director seeking someone to provide these services at your pageant, please email me at jsuggs1@msn.com.  I can do natural to semi-glitz h/m as well as work with hairpieces to provide a glitz look.

H/M Tips and Hints:
Make sure you wash and dry your hair the night before your appointment.  Clean hair is best to work with. 
Please have your hair rolled at least one hour prior to your appointment.  Please email me for correct technique if you are unsure.  Redken hotsets may be used for better set or L'Oreal has a new product out that works well. 
Have an idea of the style you want and discuss it with me prior to your appointment or I will be glad to decide the style for you.
Make sure I know what color you are wearing. This could sometimes affect make-up color choices..
It's helpful to know what kind of lighting the pageant will have so the make-up can be applied heavier when necessary.

Formal Occasions by Jennifer * P.O. Box 401 * Ray City * GA * 31645