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**Please Note**
I do not sell blank shells.  Please see the "related links" page to find out where to purchase shells.
When ordering, you may choose to submit your preferences or design ideas but you may also leave the design up to me. 

Dress prices:
Please email me for accurate pricing information based on your needs. 

To place an order with me, please email the following information to jsuggs1@msn.com:
1. Personal Info
Full name, phone number, home address, mailing address (if different), email address, reference name and phone number.
2. Product Info
Please tell me what you would like to order. Be specific.  Be sure to include the size, color and design specifics such as bodice type meaning type of sleeve, if any(cap, short, long, 3/4), waistline(V or straight), neckline(V, sweetheart, curved, square, etc.), back(V, U, square, full, cut-out, etc) and type of skirt (cupcake, full southern, organza, chiffon, etc.)  Be sure to email me pictures or drawings of ideas you'd like to see incorporated into your design. *PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME TO MAKE AN EXACT COPY OF ANOTHER DRESS!  Many designers use similar trims and current trends may cause designers to have similar "looks" based on what is "in" at the time but that is not considered copying.  A copy is re-creating another designer or client's exact design and claiming it for my own.  I don't do it.
*All dresses come with a choker (if design allows) and a hairbow.  Other accessories must be requested at time of order such as diaper covers, bustles, overlays, etc.
3. Measurements
(measurements marked with an * may not apply to every client)
Neck Circumference (for choker)*
Shoulders (measure around shoulders while arms are flat against sides)
Chest (measure around chest across peak of breasts while arms are stretched out)
Waist (natural waist is the smallest part of the abdomen, normally above the belly button)
Hips (measure around peak of the buttocks)
Skirt length-short (measure from waist to just below fingertip)*
Skirt length-long (measure from waist to floor while wearing the highest comfortable shoes)*
Top of shoulder to where you want bodice to end (measure down the front of the body)
Neckbone to actual waist (center front)
Neckbone to actual waist (center back)
Neckbone to where you want bodice to end (Front)
Neckbone to where you want bodice to end (Back)
Underarm to waist (where you want bodice to end)
Underarm to wrist (for long sleeves)*
Top of shoulder to wrist (for long sleeves)*
Underarm to elbow (for 3/4 sleeves)*
Bicep circumference (for sleeves)*
Forearm circumference (for 3/4 sleeves)*
Wrist circumference (for long sleeves)*
Please include actual size child wears in street clothes in both bottoms and tops.
Once information has been received and I have provided a quote, a 1/2 down deposit is required to begin your order. Deposits are non-refundable.  If you are unable to complete your order and it has not been started, we will gladly transfer your deposit to a future order (order must be made within 1 year)  No transfers or refunds on orders that have been started.  Before the design process, you will need to be fitted for the shell, if possible.  For local clients, you may come in and be fitted.  For non-local clients, you may have the shell shipped to you at your cost and you will be given instructions on how to ensure the proper fit and make notes of adjustments, if any, that are to be made. (Fittings are not necessary but no guarantee is made that minor adjustments will not be needed to ensure the best fit.)  It takes approximately 1 1/2 to 3 weeks to get your completed shell for fitting.  After the fit has been checked and/or adjustments have been made, it takes 1 to 4 weeks for your design to be complete.  (Please note: These are estimated times that vary on how many orders are before you but you can always email me if you need a dress sooner and if possible, I can quote you for a rush order.  Remaining balance must be paid in full before dress will be shipped.  You have 4 weeks from the time you are notified of your dress being completed to pay the remaining balance.  If balance is not paid within 4 weeks, you forfeit your deposit and the gown becomes available for immediate sale to the public.
Rush orders and guaranteed delivery dates are available for an additional charge.  These rates vary based on the individual needs of each client.  Just ask if these services are needed.
I am always an email or phone call away.  I want you to keep me informed of your wants and concerns.  This is how I insure your satisfaction.  You may call 229-482-9856 anytime between 9am and 9pm Eastern Time. Please do not call on Sunday.
or you may email jsuggs1@msn.com anytime.
I'll see you in the spotlight!

Have one of my designs?  Send me your pictures clearly depicting your custom design and we'll display it here on the website! 
Ready for something new but you need to sell the old first?  Let me know.  I'll gladly help you sell the custom design you  purchase from me free of charge with no consignment fee. I'll have you back in the spotlight in no time!
(Please note that a listing with me does not guarantee a sale and remember, used dresses do depreciate.)


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